I UK [ʃɑː(r)p] / US [ʃɑrp] adjective
Word forms "sharp":
adjective sharp comparative sharper superlative sharpest
1) a sharp object has an edge that can cut or an end that is pointed

Cut the melon in half using a sharp knife.

The cage should have no sharp edges that might cause injury.

These scissors aren't very sharp.

sharp teeth/claws

a sharp pencil

2) a sharp change is sudden and very big
a sharp rise/increase:

Shops are reporting a sharp rise in sales of organic produce.

a sharp decline/drop/fall:

This month's figures show a sharp drop in unemployment.

a) a sharp bend changes direction suddenly

As we approached a sharp bend in the road, the bus slowed down.

b) a sharp pain is sudden and severe

I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

c) a sharp feeling is sudden and strong

Lindsey felt a sharp pang of guilt.

d) a sharp breath is taken suddenly, often because you are surprised

There was a sharp intake of breath when the prizewinners were announced.

e) a sharp sound is sudden and loud

a sharp crack of gunfire

a sharp cry of fear

3) intelligent and quick to notice something or react to something

Some of these kids are pretty sharp when it comes to maths.

He has a sharp wit and a wicked sense of humour.

keep a sharp eye/lookout on something:

The Agency keeps a sharp eye on sales of arms abroad.

4) clear and seen in a lot of detail

The new high-definition TV offers razor-sharp pictures and digital sound.

5) a sharp comment, voice, or expression shows that someone is unfriendly or annoyed

My father shot her a sharp look but said nothing.

Sharp words were exchanged.

The deal has come under sharp criticism from the opposition parties.

6) clearly recognized as different

The warm weather was in sharp contrast to last year's cold temperatures.

7) a food that is sharp has a strong and bitter flavour

sharp cheddar cheese

8) informal fashionable and impressive

a sharp dresser

a sharp suit

9) a sharp wind or frost is very cold
10) informal dishonest and good at tricking people

a sharp operator

a) music used for showing that a musical note should be played or sung a semitone higher than usual

Chopin's Nocturne in C sharp minor

b) slightly higher than the musical note that should be played or sung

Derived word:
noun uncountable
II UK [ʃɑː(r)p] / US [ʃɑrp] adverb
Word forms "sharp":
comparative sharper superlative sharpest
1) at a particular time exactly

We're leaving at 5 o'clock sharp.

2) British in a way that changes direction suddenly

Turn sharp left after the bridge.

3) music singing or playing musical notes that are slightly higher than they should be

III UK [ʃɑː(r)p] / US [ʃɑrp] noun [countable]
Word forms "sharp":
singular sharp plural sharps music
a) a musical note that is played or sung a semitone higher than usual
b) the symbol \# for a sharp note

English dictionary. 2014.

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